Golden time

We had a lovely golden time this afternoon! The Explorers played together really nicely and showed good manners and turn-taking. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


Circle time

Happy Wednesday everybody. Today we had Circle time straight after the register with Mrs Lomas. Circle time is a lovely time where we take turns to talk, we learn how to listen to others whilst showing respect. To start we passed on a smile, it travelled all the way around the circle.

We then had a discussion about what is expected of all of us in school and how we have been feeling in the last two weeks in Year 1 Explorers.

Mrs Lomas asked ” How do you feel now you are in Year 1?”

A = I feel excited in year 1.

M = I like this school because it’s nice.

E = I am excited

A = I feel happy

M = I am new to this school and I was a bit scared because I didn’t know if I would have friends. Now I have friends who are kind and so I am happy. This school is pretty.

S = When I was first in Year 1 I was scared because there was lots of people. Now I’m not scared.

M = I am happy in this school because the teachers are very kind.

We are so pleased that you have made such a super, positive start to your Year 1 journey.