Special visit

today we had lots of fun with a special guest.

Alan MacDonald the author read us the story Dirty Bertie.

We joined in with the key parts which was lots of fun.

Ask your child all about it.




Today in maths the children have been comparing nd measuring super heroes and object. First we had to measure the super heroes to see who was the tallest and who was the shortest. Then we placed them in order from shortest to tallest.

After Miss Marsden challenged us to find and object taller or longer and shorter or smaller. Have a look at the pictures did we complete the challenge?

Welcome back!

This week the Explorers have had lots of fun learning all about measuring and comparing objects. We helped George the giraffe find the tallest and shortest child in Foundation. We the recorded our findings. Have a look at the different ways we measured each other. We also measured and compared objects.