What is your favourite weather?

The explorers have been voting for their weather. What is yours?




The explorers are having a fantastic world book day dressed up as pirates. We completed a treasure hunt and found the treasure left from Blackbeard! Have a look inside the chest if you dare!




Welcome back

Today we have had a fun and busy day. We have been talking about the pirate world book day which will happen this Thursday. We took part in a pirate hunt around school and had to spell a pirates name. One class will win some treasure and we will find out on Friday so ! fingers crossed!

In maths we compared two groups and used language such as more and fewer to say which one had most and which one had less. We then played a dice game to develop our vocabulary more.

We also looked at our house teams on our new display in Foundation please come and have a look.


Today in maths the children have been comparing nd measuring super heroes and object. First we had to measure the super heroes to see who was the tallest and who was the shortest. Then we placed them in order from shortest to tallest.

After Miss Marsden challenged us to find and object taller or longer and shorter or smaller. Have a look at the pictures did we complete the challenge?